Welcome to HalfAPond.com

Welcome to Half A Pond Homestead dot com!

This website has been six months in the making. When I started off, I expected WordPress to be pretty easy to figure out. Well, either it has a bit steeper of a learning curve then I expected, or maybe I’m just getting older. Probably both.

Along the way, Brittany developed Hot Mess Homeschool Co, so I got to learn another aspect to WordPress that I wasn’t expecting. But that led to developing the Half A Pond Apparel, which was fun.

Speaking of the apparel, I want everyone to know up front that the profit margins on Half A Pond Apparel are set extremely low. They still come from a print on demand service, so they aren’t inexpensive by any means, but I’ve always thought that charging full price for someone to advertise your product or service was silly, so the price of the Half A Pond Apparel attempts to reflects that. We will continue to develop products and ideas for Half A Pond to be a successful business, but if you want to wear one of our shirts, we are glad to have you do so without breaking the bank as much as possible.

Thanks for visiting. Be sure to subscribe to our email list. We don’t hate our customers, so we would never sell your information. And we won’t ever send more than one email a day.